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In my Personalized Sleep Plans below you can choose one of the three options that suits you best. Or we can explore them together during our Free Discovery Call. 

In case you prefer consultation by the hour, a home visit, you are a parent group, a daycare facility or a company etc. go ahead and check my Additional Services.

If you feel what you need right now is education around sleep, then the best option for you is my 

Sleep Education Mini Course.

My Special Offers


Personalized Sleep Program

Perfect for newborn sleep

and pregnant women.

Create a safe sleep sanctuary for your baby. My evidence-based and personalized advice will help you optimize your child's foundations of sleep. I will help you navigate through these wonderful yet challenging first months or your sleep during pregnancy. 
 Enjoy 10 days support after our advisory session with one more session and unlimited emails.

340 CHF

269 CHF 

  • Investigate history record and sleep log
  • Assess sleep environment
  • Technical and Personalized advice
  • 1  support call


Personalized Sleep Plan

The V.I.P option for sleep 

of children 0 to 6 years old

Feel 100% supported while we unfold and resolve even the most delicate reasons and circumstances that prevent your child from sleeping well. Help your family be happy, healthy and thriving. 
 Reach your goals while I remain by your side to encourage and support you with our 30 days support after receiving the plan and our follow up WhatsApp messages. 

650 CHF

529 CHF

  • Investigate history record and sleep log
  • Assess sleep environment
  • 100% Personalized advice
  • Sleep Plan for 30 days 15-20 pages and 1 hour session to get ready
  •  3 Support Calls

Additional Sleep Services

Hourly Consultations

CHF 70/hour

Flexible Online Consultation Sessions + Possibility of program extension in case root causes need more time to resolve

Home Visits

Starts from CHF 90/hour 

Possibility of home visits in particular cases (according COVID-19 regulations) *within 40 klm


CHF 30/person Min 4 persons (1 hour)

Online seminars to groups. You define the agenda based on your specific needs


CHF 40/person Min 8 persons (2 hours)

Workshops to groups with customized agenda based on the topics you need to cover / Private Schools, Childcare Facilities, etc. (according COVID-19 regulations) *within 40 klm

Volunteer Webinars/



Online seminars and Workshops for Public Schools and Childcare facilities. 

Sleep Education 

Mini Course

Get educated about child's sleep in 3 x 30 minutes mini course 

with only CHF 49

How important is sleep for babies and why?

Circadian rhythms. What are they and how can we support their regulation?

What is normal infant sleep?

Which are the foundations of sleep that we need to take care of? 

How can we establish healthy sleep habits?


Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you see no improvement in regards to your child's sleep challenges and you are not satisfied from our work together, you can request for a full refund within 14 days from the end of our consultation period (for Complete and VIP sleep plans).

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