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What I Do

I help parents who need professional guidance and support, to discover the root causes that led to their child’s sleep challenges and I introduce them with powerful tools and solutions in order to resolve them. This leads to the optimization of families’ sleep and the increase of their wellbeing at the same time.

What you may be experiencing.

Perhaps your child does not sleep very well. Perhaps you experience feelings of exhaustion, draining or despair for a solution. Perhaps the lack of sleep has already affected other areas of your life, like your job, your relationship with your partner, with your friends or most importantly, your relationship with yourself.

What if I told you that in the next few weeks you and your family will be able to have a restful sleep? What if I told you that at the same time you will be able to transform your family life into a joyful experience that promotes growth and well-being? What if I invited you on a journey of revealing the root causes that keep your family awake and resolving them once and for all?

And this while respecting and honouring your baby's unique needs, developmental stage and temperament with an Attachment-Focused approach that promotes health and connection?

What if I joined you on a mission of unfolding your deepest needs, your life goals and I helped you outline the optimal way of living for you and your family as well as the ways you can get there?

Well, I am here to tell you that all these are possible and you can make them happen. Today is a wonderful day to start reshaping the things that you don't really like or that just don't work the way they are right now.

Today is a perfect day for you to start drawing the family life you want to live in every day.


How I Do It

I gather information about all sleep foundations and every single aspect that interacts with or influences sleep, in order to discover the root cause of your child's particular behavior around sleep.

We explore the fields that can be improved. We outline your goals and where you want to be tomorrow. We then develop a plan, focused on these goals, that will lead to overcoming the challenges you are facing today and bring you closer to your future goals at the same time. This, while honouring each family's member individual goals and needs. 

In order to develop the right plan for your family, I use my knowledge, my experience and my intuition to reveal the "cause and effects" that have led into experiencing sleep challenges, as well as to find the most suitable steps and tools, based on sleep science, to overcome those challenges.

Everything I propose is applicable, simple to understand and to implement and has a logic sequence of steps that you are going to follow for the next few weeks. All you have to do is trust this work and proceed with confidence and commitment. This is the time when you begin reshaping your life on your own terms.

We work together all the way through this journey.

The result of this wonderful journey is to increase the level of well-being in such a profound way that you won’t even believe that it all started with sleep!

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Why It Works

Every Sleep Plan is unique and customized on the specific needs of the family I work with. We both get into this work with confidence, commitment and awareness. With these three keys, success is 100% guaranteed.

You achieve not only the immediate results you are longing for, but long-lasting changes that can positively affect your life for the years to come. I'm on your side, step-by-step in order to achieve that.

We don’t push. We don’t hustle. We stay aligned and sync with nature. With respect to each family's dynamic, we honor each family member's uniqueness and specific needs. We fight the obstacles. We embrace the flaws. We empower the strengths.

Through this journey you discover new ways to connect, to communicate, to love and to care about yourself and your beloved ones.

There are no cookie-cutter methods, there are no one-size-fits-all approaches here. There is only you and me and hundreds of scientific evidence and numerous reliable resources that I carry within this work to choose from and shape on our terms. This is what will lead us to transform your family life through sleep.

Believe me, it always works.


Words of Families I Have Worked With

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My Services

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What I Don't Do

I don't do "quick fixes". I don't do "No-Cry", "Cry-it-Out", "Ferber methods", other controlled crying methods or any "cookie-cutter" method what so ever.

I am strongly against any suggestion that does not take under consideration the particular needs or the temperament of a child or the parents, as well as other important factors.

I utilize the knowledge I obtain from great mentors and pioneers around the world and I constantly expand this knowledge, in order to find what resonates with our heart and supports the work we do in any specific situation. I don't "follow" predefined instructions. We create our own.