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Holistic and Trauma-informed

Child Sleep Consultant

I help parents who need professional guidance and support to resolve their children's sleep challenges with powerful tools and solutions.

What makes my approach different is that it brings amazing, long-lasting results WITHOUT the need of "sleep training".

My approach focuses on discovering the root causes that led to your child's sleep difficulties. Then we start working on sleep and everything that needs our care and attention in ways that promote a secure attachment between the parent and the child.

The outcome is to establish optimized and healthy sleep habits, children thriving in every area of their life as well as a profound improvement in every member's well-being.


Sleep is affected by a large number of factors we cannot overlook, like health, nutrition and emotional wellbeing


Secure attachment of the child to the parent is basic foundation for healthy sleep and happy children


Identifying a trauma when it exists, helps to finding the tools and resources in order to heal it

Your sleep challenges

Does your baby, toddler or preschooler have multiple wakings at night? Is he/she waking too early in the morning? Is he/she resisting going to sleep and this leads to a very late bedtime? Does he/she have inconsistent naps and bedtime? Does he/she end up crying, being frustrated or throwing temper tantrums "out of nowhere"?

Do you as a parent feel drained, overwhelmed, stressed and/or exhausted? Do you struggle to find balance and you find yourself losing confidence? Do you worry about your baby growing up in the most optimal way?

You are looking for

  • A tailor-made plan based on:
  • his or her specific needs
  • his or her temperament
  • your needs and temperament
  • your family's values and goals
  • Someone you can trust
  • Someone who listens and cares
  • Evidence-based resources
  • Guidance and support

Trust your Instincts

Your child doesn't need "sleep training". 

Your child needs to feel safe and loved by a responsible caregiver 

who meets their needs in order to sleep well.

Responding with care

  • Teaches our babies that the world is a safe place where there is always someone who responds and co-regulates them when they need to.
  • Encourages them to develop the skill of self-regulation and independence in a healthy pace developmentally.
  • Promotes secure attachment and the development of a healthy relationship between the baby and the carer.

And what about you?

In order for you to be able to consistently respond with care and meet all your baby's needs, you need to take care of your personal needs as well.

Those can be needs for self-care beyond hair salons and spas, like inviting the right external support for you or finding balance again in the family system, having the ability to do things that recharge your batteries or creating a more productive communication with your partner. 

Through this journey, we explore your strengths and we empower them. We identify the areas that you want to improve and we give them tools in order to achieve that. Why? Because the best parent for your child is a happy parent.

Are you an expat parent?

Dealing with the above sleep challenges is already a real struggle. Being an expat parent above all these can be even more overwhelming and can also bring isolation, despair and depression.

I am an expat mom originally coming from Greece. I live in Switzerland since 2016. I have been through all the sleep challenges mentioned above with my own child, while not speaking the language and having zero support made me struggle some more. Fortunately I survived. And then I used my experience in order to grow.

It takes a lot of courage to ask for help and support when you are a new parent. I know, I have been there.

It is my mission to make your choice to search for support as worthwhile and rewarding as it can be, by providing everything I wished I had received back then.

I am Maria Besini

I will help you uncover the root causes of your child's sleep challenges and I will guide and support you to resolve them WITHOUT using any "one-size-fits-all" methods. 

Our work focuses on physical health, emotional wellbeing and safety. We want your child to thrive on every level and nothing less than that.

Let's resolve your child’s sleep challenges by optimizing every single aspect of their life while we embrace your need for self-care and well-being at the same time.

focus on the right things

Let's stop trying to "fix" our children behavior in sleep

and focus on setting a context that will help them and us be restful and happy. 

What people are saying

(...)Maria is a real professional, always listening attentively, perceiving your needs with great empathy and offering numerous holistic and enlightening solutions that are tailored to your individual life situation. She opened my eyes in many ways and helped me to rise the quality of my life by showing me what to change as well as how to understand better the psychology of my children (1.5 year old twins) and improve their sleep quality! 

THANK YOU Maria, for going this very special journey with me!

Mom of 18 months old twins


(...)From our first communication I immediately realized that she was the right person. After our work with Maria our goals have been achieved much sooner than planned and today, long after that, everything continues to be smooth and organized, which has a positive impact on my relationship with my husband. Lastly, except for a huge THANK YOU to Maria, I want to urge anyone who thinks they need guidance to seek help and the result will surprise them!

Mom of a 2 years old girl


(...)Maria has a magical way of listening and feeling you. It makes everything look solvable. From the first session, she gave me back the hope I had lost. She is well-trained and so to the point that you have no room to doubt whether you will succeed. Consistent and available for my query, she helped me to hear and understand my child's needs better. But most importantly, she has helped me understand my own needs. The quality of our daily lives has improved significantly. 

Mom of a 21 months old girl


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