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Frequently Asked Questions

1What is it that you do exactly in a few words?

I help you overcome your child's sleep challenges while I provide you with the tools that can help you transform your family life. As you walk this path I'll be right next to you to the level that you want me to. We can stay on the surface but we can also dive as deep as you want. It is entirely up to you to decide the depth of our work. A key element for this process is choosing to use challenges as opportunities for growth in any level of your life (relationships, self-care, family resilience, parenting etc).

2When can we start working together?
Whenever you feel ready to change something that is just not working. Then you are in the right place, on the right time. The only ingredient that you need for this work is your readiness for change. Anything else we can work it out.

3What is the price?
Depends on the package that we would agree is suitable for your case. More details on the different packages you can find here.

4How do we start our collaboration?
You just send me a message and I give you a call. We have our free initial 20-minute conversation. Before the end of this call, we decide which package is the best for your needs. Then I send you the details of the bank account where you can deposit the total amount of your purchase. We start our consultation soon after I receive the deposit receipt and the contract signed.

5Which is the right package for me?
We get to decide that during our free initial conversation. It always depends on your specific needs. I make a proposition and you decide if it works for you.

6Is there a refund policy?
You can ask for a full refund at any time before receiving the sleep plan. It is important for both of us to get into this work with positive energy and cooperation in order to enjoy this whole journey and of course to succeed. Therefore, you have the option to step back in case you don't feel this way.

7Is there a cancellation policy?
Yes, there is a cancellation policy and it's the following.

Program cancellation:

  • You are eligible for full refund should you cancel the agreement anytime before receiving the sleep plan.
  • You are not eligible for any refund should after receiving the sleep plan.

Session cancellation:

  • Appointments are strongly encouraged not to cancel or change.
    You can reschedule an appointment without extra charges should you notify 24 before.
  • If the appointment is canceled within 24 hours from scheduled time, then it can be rescheduled but charged according my hourly rate fee (1 hour- 50chf).
8In what context will I be able to contact you?
My working hours are 8 - 12 a.m and 4 - 8 p.m Monday to Friday and 8 - 12 a.m Saturday (Switzerland / Central European Time zone). Sessions take place during this time via telephone, online (Skype/Facetime etc) or in person meetings.
During consultation period you can send me email anytime to
During consultation period you can send me private message only in case of emergency.
In general, you will receive my response within 24 hours of your contact (on workdays) although my response usually takes place within the next 2-3 hours of your contact (on workdays and work hours).
Holiday seasons are an exception but you will be notified well ahead of time.

9Are we going to use "sleep training" methods to my child?
No. We won't "train" anybody. We are going to find the ways that work for your particular family in order to reach the goals of sleep optimization and well-being of your family.

10What if there is no improvement to our sleep problems?
I can assure you that, when you bring your positive attitude, your commitment and your consistency to this work, there is no chance you don't have improvement to your sleep problems that brought you to me in the first place. However, I can also assure you that in the extreme scenario where, after finishing our "Transformation Through Sleep" plan, we realize that my services did not bring you any improvement or did not leave you satisfied, I will refund you 100%. This is how confident I am about my work and the results it can bring to you and your family. The only thing you have to do is to ask for your money back within 30 days of the day you made your payment.