My personal story

My journey began with the birth of my son while I was living in Switzerland as an expatriate. I could never imagine what was to follow. My son was born with FPIES Syndrome (Enterocolitis Syndrome caused by Food Proteins) and has been suffering since the day he was born.

Our newborn baby cried all day and all night and the doctor insisted they were colic and things would get better. But things did not improve, and I soon realized that I had to take action on my own.

What followed was an endless web search for ways to help my baby stop suffering. I soon discovered that the only cure for FPIES is to completely remove allergens from your diet. So, I started introducing foods to my diet to figure out from my baby's symptoms which one’s were causing inflammation in his gut. I was preparing special meals and was writing down every small detail like a crazy scientist. In the meantime, I had a hard time breastfeeding, a low milk production, a baby's tongue tie and several other obstacles to deal with.

I experienced exhaustion, pain, extreme sleep deprivation, emotional collapse, fear, and guilt. Some days I felt that everything I did was wrong or that I did not have the strength to deal with it. I had lost myself and my personal needs were left in the freezer for several months. All I wanted was for my baby to stop suffering.

About 4 months later, I was able to become an expert in his condition. And I had managed to heal my son's system and fix all the other issues. But... he still could not sleep. I had to connect the dots myself to be able to help him sleep. And also keep my sanity too. It was then that I began my studies in sleep, in nutrition, in psychology and everything else that might be affecting him and he could not sleep. It was a revealing and enlightening journey. Many "aha" moments followed. Not only did I obtain valuable knowledge in many areas, but I expanded my holistic way of thinking and my intuition and was transformed into a profound level, all at the same time.

The result of this trip was:

  • To be able to help my son to be the cool and happy little guy he is today.
  • To create a strong connection with my instinct. This also gave me a lot of confidence as a parent.
  • To learn how to listen to "his story" through his sleep to find ways to solve challenges one by one.
  • To build an honest and safe relationship while learning to heal our wounds together.
  • To find my own thinking and justification for my decisions.
  • To set my limits.
  • To find balance in my family life.
  • To love myself and my partner better.

Through this journey I was able to grow on different levels and be happier and more liberated than I have ever been in my life. And I'm still working on it. This journey made me who I am today. A person who understands the power of challenges and the value and opportunities that exist within them.



My education

Sleep Studies

  • Certified Maternity and Child Sleep Consultant.  
  • Member of the Association of Professional Sleep Counselors (APSC) and the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants (IACSC)
  • Sleep programs and seminars
  • Psychology and Trauma

  • Education in childhood and adolescence (Kapodistrian University)
  • Child Psychology (New Skills Academy)
  • Trauma, Parents, Children and Parenting (NCTSN)
  • Treating Complex Trauma (PESI) 
  • Diploma in Neuroplasticity (Center of Excellence) - in progress
  • Family System and Couples

  • Couple Therapy Level 1 (The Gottman Institute).
  • Family Resilience (NCTSN)
  • Social Work Practice with Individuals, Families and Small Groups (University of Michigan)
  • A few things about me

    ΕI am a person with empathy. I am passionate about everything related with self-improvement and growth. I love helping people grow when they are ready to do that. I am a strong defender of personal rights, equality, and freedom. My core values ​​are respect and honesty. 

    I love to read books and study about psychology, parenting, sleep, wellness, relationships, and everything related to life in general. I get excited about exploring new ideas that promote our well-being.

    I am from Greece, and I live in Switzerland with my family since 2016. I am the mother of a wonderful child who teaches me something new every day.

    My superpower

    I always explore what is beneath the surface.

    I do extra research if needed.

    I am not here only with my own work.

    I bring you the most up-to-date scientific research and wisdom of great teachers and pioneers around the world in the fields of sleep, psychology, neuroscience and relationships.

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